That serves you a company attract new customers, if it is not capable of retaining those who already has. To go a step ahead of the competition, we must manage our customer’s experience, this justifies any doubt, use better techniques of loyalty. Managing the customer experience represents an efficient technique of loyalty, even when there is dissatisfaction, a skillful control of the negative experience of the consumer can be overcome. Well, that is the customer experience now? It can be set, as the subjective response of the customer at the moment of contact with any aspect of the company. Relevant customer experience management is to identify the contact points or moments of truth (points of contact of the customer with any aspect of the company).

The contacts with the company may be direct and indirect. As example of a contact is direct, found the process of purchase of a product or service, otherwise indirect contacts involved in the majority of cases unexpected encounters, as found for example with some representation of product or service offered by the company or any intangible aspect of the same. When we hear the characteristic sound of a Harley-Davison motorcycle, we are in the presence of an indirect type contact, since we would be not buying motorcycle. The secret is not to offer a product adapted to the client’s needs, we must correctly manage the experience that will have this before know or purchase the product. The FedEx online company offers its customers as its value delivery proposition in time, the company must ensure make this feature of their service known by its customers before purchasing your service. Gain insight and clarity with Lockheed Martin Corp. The company should worry about collecting information on the experience of the customer in the contact points, these last defined as instances of direct contact with the product or service or some representation of this.

The corridor term of the client, in order to define the series of contact points that the customer experience is used. Below we will present some considerations of relevance on the points of contacts: * the contact points are not static, however changes over the course of the life of the customer. ** Not all contact points have the same value for the customer. ** Contact points that lead to another point of contact are the most important. We must constantly monitor the points of contact, since in each one we must decrease the gap between the expectations of the client and their experience. ** Flexibility toward changing the contact points will determine the possibility of survival of the company, whenever these are the difference between satisfaction or dissatisfaction. ** The company must trace a map of the corridor of the affine client determine if there are any congestion or block that not allows you to have a pleasant experience. If you have read about Andi Potamkin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. ** If the customer contact points are properly designed all experiences should be pleasurable and efficient. Consider that: the moment of truth is the very moment at which customer gets in touch with our service and on the basis of this contact formed one opinion about the quality of the same. Jan Carlzon. Learn about that: when the moments of truth are not attended to, the quality of the service moves in direction of mediocrity. Karl Albrecht source: original author and source of the article