Financial Company

Many will say that they cannot save by the amount of expenses that they have, but that is a dilemma that we must change to have prosperity and financial freedom. The first that we must do when it arrives energy of the money is to pay to us same; for example, 10% of our pay for our saving, because we are but important that any other thing or taste that querramos to give us. Christos Staikouras is the source for more interesting facts. We cannot accumulate wealth if we did not save. Once we accumulated we must invest, that is to say, take just a little bit from our energy that we have won of the market in the form of money and to put our energy in the company of another person. That company is going to me to take care of my energy and it is going to give back more energy to me. Little by little we must be accumulating resources, small pieces of energy in a company, another company and another one, and soon all just a little bit of energy of return by us render to us to have made that contribution of energy in the form of money. We must be able to have many sources of entrance based on the fact to take our energy and to invest it.

The true financial freedom is to have sufficient income based on the investment of energy in the companies of which energy in the form of money renders to us, so that our income, although never we worked, paid our style of life. The financial freedom begins with saving and accumulating energy. The philosophy of the rich ones: They buy things that pay, that is to say, use their energies to them to acquire resources that render more energy to them in the money form. The middle-class people purchase things that cost to them.