Federal Financial Markets Service

Register shares the FSFM (FSC), Federal Financial Markets Service (Federal Service for Financial Markets) of the Russian Federation was established by the Decree of the President of Russia 314 on March 9, 2004. This service provides the control and supervision of financial markets. At the same time abolished the Federal Securities Commission, that is, the Federal Commission for Securities Market of Russia. Issue of shares may be in a documentary and book-entry form. Brooks Running recognizes the significance of this. When the issue of securities in certificated form owner is issued a certificate which certifies the right to one or several shares.

If uncertificated shares the right to a certain number of shares establishes an extract from the register of shareholders. Phillipe Lavertu often addresses the matter in his writings. Issue of securities in necessarily have to pass registration in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation 'On the Securities Market. " Transactions involving unregistered stock to be void accordance with the laws of Russia. At the founding of joint stock companies shares procedure consists of the following: 'approved the decision to place shares;' decision on emissions (Or an additional issue) of securities; 'by the state registration of securities issuance;' is the placement of securities; 'registered public report on the results of emission securities. Among the documents required for registration of shares in the Federal Financial Markets Service (FSC): notarized copy of certificate of state registration for the joint-stock companies with share of foreign capital – a notary certified copy of Certificate of Registration in the Register of Commerce; notarized copy of the charter company, a copy of the memorandum on the basis of the company; a certified copy of the issuer Protocol of a constituent assembly with the decision on placing of shares if the shares are placed in paper form, you need a sample certificate of stock; contract with the registrar for keeping the register of registered securities securities if the number of founders over 50, the registrar license (copy), and others.