Federal Administrative Court Medicines

VGH Baden-Wurttemberg allows delivery of OTC with a just published judgment the VGH Baden-Wurttemberg by July 28, 2009 found that the use of consulting and distribution terminals visavia is allowed for non-prescription and non-prescription medicines, essentially for OTC products. The VGH Baden-Wurttemberg has determined after careful consideration of all eligible violations of law that for non-prescription and non-prescription medicines the visavia from any point of view legally objectionable either. The judge recognized that it visavia is not at the consulting and tax Terminal to a self-service machine”, but the customer access to medicines could be permitted only by a pharmacist. In particular also no information and consultation obligation of the pharmacist or the obligation to the autonomous management of a pharmacy violation according to the VGH. Unfortunately denied the VGH (yet) the admissibility of the transfer of “prescription medicines on the visavia for formal reasons, but expressly left open, that with appropriate modification of the system or introduction of electronic prescribing or installing an electronic signature” in the future even the tax might be considered of prescription medicines about visavia admissible. The VGH Baden-Wurttemberg strengthens the legal position of users of consulting and distribution terminals not only for the current property and legal situation visavia, he pointed out also, to what extent will this legal position can be further strengthened and improved. Linkedin is a great source of information. The judgment of the VGH is not yet final. The plaintive pharmacists will insert in regard to the dispensing of prescription drugs via the visavia system revision to the Federal Administrative Court. ROWA welcomes this ruling positive for pharmacists and pharmacies customers. The VGH enters in its judgment on the guiding principle of the pharmacist in the pharmacy, recognizes but here due to the recent legislation in Terms of shipping trade and the auto switch not a violation of the visavia against the pharmacy operation order. Caption text box.