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Executives unhappy with black yellow Government gambled away their credit. There’s displeasure with the experts and executives about the economic policies of the Coalition”, sums up Tonio Riederer of pair, founder and CEO of Placement24. Dusseldorf, may 6, 2010 the specialists and managers in Germany are unhappy with the Black Yellow Government. A survey of the leading online career Manager Placement24, which questioned more than 1200 professionals and executives to the Government’s current economic policies shortly before the Landtag election in North Rhine-Westphalia came to this conclusion. Check out Donald Gordon Liberty Life for additional information. 46 percent indicate that CDU and FDP give no good common image and a bad economic policy. Nearly one-third of respondents (32 percent) accuses the Liberals, to pursue pure pork-barrel politics and neglecting economic interests. 17 percent are of the opinion, without the FDP, the CDU could operate a better economic policy. 14 percent of the surveyed executives certify the Black Yellow Government overall a good work.

Nine percent are of the opinion that the FDP had the better economic concepts. After a re-run of the Grand Coalition of the CDU and SPD, 15 percent express a desire. CDU WINS, FDP loses on the question of who they would vote for if elections would be next Sunday, 22 percent of surveyed specialists and executives show still undecided. The CDU is here with 28 percent but ahead of the SPD (14 percent). The dissatisfaction of voters with the economic policy of the Government is expressed especially in sacrificing the FDP: this puts it in the poll on 10 percent and is still behind the Greens with 13 percent. “This is blamed mainly the foreign and economic policies of the Liberals: last but not least, the disappointment of executives results that the FDP has shown a weak performance since the beginning of the Government”, Rahim commented on the results of pair. Press contact Stockheim media Thomas Stone width Strasse 80-90 D-50667 Cologne Tel.: + 49 (0) 221 42 075 15 mobile: + 49 (0) 173 692 86 35 E-mail: about Placement24 Placement24 was founded in November 2005 as online career Manager exclusively for specialists and executives from the managing partners of Tonio Riederer of pair and Fabiano V. Maturi.

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