Equal Gender Pay

Free webinar series on Equal Pay Day every year in March held the Equal Pay Day, and erinenrt fact that women still earn less than men. This year organize the organizers of women and work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women to do so again from 18 to 21 March a free webinar series around the subject application and content”. Two webinars are scheduled for 18 March. In the first webinar, which will take place from 17 h to 18 h, leads Melanie Vogel, organizer of the women & work, safely through the interview”. In this webinar, participants get to know the most important stages of a job interview, and get practical tips to prepare. “With the do BBs and dont BBs of the salary negotiations” it continues seamlessly to 18: 00.

Melanie Vogel shows here, in which phases a salary negotiation is divided and how you can prepare the best. A day later, on March 21 by 18-19: 00, the career expert Diana Ochs devoted the issue of gender pay CAP and salary negotiations in the public service”and thus refers to the focus theme of equal pay days this year. With the participants, it will clarify whether a negotiation is possible, even if a payment is made after which were demanded. On Wednesday, March 21st, it goes from 18-19 hrs to starting salaries of graduates”. It reveals what you earn after graduation and what demands can be a beginner, the salary expert Jurgen Buhler. On Thursday, March 22nd closes entitled pitfalls of the employment contract”webinar a week. Lawyer Maryam Machdi in the webinar from 6 pm-19 pm guidance indicates how to avoid foot and pitfalls in the contract negotiations.

All webinars are sponsored by the DIS AG. The registration takes place via E-mail at stating name, E-mail address and day. To participate in the webinars, the participants need only a Web browser, the Adobe Flash Player and a speaker enabled on their computer. There is additional information about the webinars at.