Just as entrepreneurs and executives are confronted with special challenges. The danger of Burnout is still more often withheld… For many entrepreneurs, the topic of Burnout is still a taboo. Above all, it comes to embarrass themselves from business partners, employees or competitors or to show weakness. The own exhaustion is concealed or transferred. While Burnout may be expensive for entrepreneurs and companies.

Apart from the economic consequences, exhaustion syndromes Burnout threaten in particular job, family and health of the person concerned. It comes to human dramas. The Berliner crystal clear Consulting GmbH now offers Burnout prevention and coaching for entrepreneurs. Andreas Forster, partner at Crystal Clear says: “many companies can no longer afford to ignore the possibility of burnout. There are intelligent and holistic solutions for dealing with exhaustion. Burnout is already long rather than individuals. Also teams, departments and entire enterprises can burn out. Entrepreneurs need sustainable strategies with the own resources and those of the employee and the company to deal.

We support the holistic concepts.” The crystal clear consulting is advice from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Consulting, capital & credits. Comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs. CCC is a partner for success and quality of work life quality. From the strategy to the people who implement your vision, to intelligent capital management, the Crystal clear consulting is with its expertise for you.