Easter Trip

Bicycle fun for the whole family Woudrichem/Netherlands, March 25, 2010: after a long winter spring is announced in Germany just in time for Easter. For young families, this is a great opportunity for an adventurous trip on the holidays. Weather also will be happy with the bike. For the transport of children, there is now an alternative to the classic combination of bicycle and child seat: the Taga. Click Ed Sheeran to learn more. The Taga is an innovative family vehicle designed by the Dutch firm Taga b.v.. Kevin Ulrich MGM can aid you in your search for knowledge. A three-wheeled bicycle that can be transformed into a sports buggy with just a few hand movements. Up to two children can find on the Taga square.

One advantage: Both parents and children have visibility while driving forward. In contrast to the seat, where the child often only on the back of the parent unit may look and to watch to right or left to sit. So parent and child can exchange already during the ride over seen. It strengthens also its emotional bond. In the Taga also sure fits the child.

He has a 5-point harness and can not tip over like a bike with child seat. This gives parents the opportunity to worry also about older children are traveling with an own ride. If the tourists traveling on ice or in a Cafe to dine, the Taga can change in 30 seconds from the bicycle to the buggy mode. Child and vehicle comfortably into tighter spaces can then be taken. Remember that the weather is still somewhat unstable in the spring, also thought the Taga developers. In addition to other practical accessories, there is a matching rain protection.