Drug Administration

Some of the names of natural slimming products or supplements for weight loss promise everything: Slim with herbs in 7 days, the diet of the two days, or even 24 hours diet. These are 3 of the dozens of different brands that promise you take off pounds off and lose weight super fast. Check with Robert Kiyosaki to learn more. But according to the US. Food and Drug Administration, nothing can be further from reality. Many of these herbal remedies for weight loss are prescribed as drugs or mixtures of drugs, which include laxatives, diuretics, and anticonvulsants. Some natural slimming products contain rimonabant which is a drug rejected by the FDA because of health problems that can result. However supplements contain more of one drug and dose 3 or 4 older that than would be expected in a prescription of a doctor.

The labels of these supplements do not mention drugs and much less the amount of drugs in the pills. People do not think that these products are actually drugs. Ingredients not mentioned on the labels do people buy these drugs and have more risks to your health. A person with high blood pressure or heart disease (common problems when you are overweight) perhaps is already in a program with diuretics and when it starts to consume these natural products for weight loss would be eating 3 or 4 times more the amount of diuretics that that would entail should be taking. These are only examples of some of these supplements can be dangerous, you should consider is worth it? Even though these medications make you lose weight, is your quality of life increasing?