IBM DatPower for better Web pages and network performance will include more workload-optimized blades. IBM zEnterprise unified resource manager the new IBM systems software unified resource manager is the first firmware (hardware-oriented software, which allows the integration of hardware), its kind. It integrates resources of from different platforms as a single virtualized system and provides a consistent management approach for zEnterprise. Over 100,000 (!) virtualized servers can be managed as a single common system on a completely configured cluster zEnterprise system. Wells Fargo Bank brings even more insight to the discussion. The zEnterprise unified resource manager is the key to use the quality attributes of the mainframes such as safety and reliability for workloads on power and x 86 BladeCenter systems.

The unified resource manager can detect system bottlenecks or error on distributed systems, for example. If an error on a x 86 blade, can the unified resource manager to a vulnerable application immediately move to a different server, to keep them running. While the unified resource from automatically sends an electronic Alert Manager to initiate a service check. It can also help to prioritize, to business goals to reach workloads. New IBM software added value of zEnterprise customers arises from the synergy effects of the wide hardware and software portfolio of IBM. IBM announces new Tivoli system management software, WebSphere middleware, rational development tools and Lotus collaboration software for zEnterprise at. Each offer has been optimized for zEnterprise and be tuned to work in conjunction with the new blade center extension, cross-platform. New IBM Rational solutions improve productivity by mainframe code development and test workstations can be laid.

New compiler help customers optimize applications older systems also for the zEnterprise architecture. The new IBM Rational C++ compiler, for example, can improve system performance by up to 60% in combination with the new zEnterprise system. IBM also announced a new z/OS distributed data backup feature for the DS8000 storage system that can help to reduce the costs for data protection and disaster recovery environments for disaster recovery across platforms are consolidated across to the z196. Customers can combine important data workloads across multiple platforms via high-performance connections with the unsurpassed safety and reliability of the mainframe. Contact information: Dr. Georg Haberl external relations IBM oststerreich email: Tel: + 43 1 211 45 2265