Custom Settings

The company has there are dozens of different models of MP3 and MP4 players. Among this diversity will easily find their model each consumer. Also, players are equipped with a variety of different additional functions – radios, recorders, high-speed USB outputs, support for many kinds of video and audio formats. On the eve of the spring holiday all cute and charming the fairer sex – 8 th March, the company released the Assistant elegant, sophisticated model of an MP3 player – AM-091. The first thing that catches your eye, forming a clear image of high style – a sophisticated design player – black slimline body model has an elongated form, so perfectly fits in your hand.

The player controls are focused on the big black button to the right of the screen, which is fully functional. Therefore, you can give commands to the device one with his right hand – it is very easy and convenient to a number of cases – in transport, especially when your hands are busy shopping bags and more. Worth a separate paragraph to note the quality of the player with LCD display, an improved display of symbols on it. Readability of the screen and stored in sunlight, and at low temperatures. Also in the player before the equalizer with the option of the Custom Settings mode – this will allow you to be unique and set your own style to your MP3 player. Player AM-091 reads the most popular audio formats: MP3, WMA, APE2, FLAC, AAC, WAV. Separately, we draw attention to the format of AAC – a file compression to the size of MP3 files is much smaller impact on the quality and FLAC format compresses audio files without any loss in principle.

This means that now your favorite audio files take up even less space, while the quality remains high. The developers put in a player embedded flash-memory to 4GB, enough for storing a small collection of your favorite musical masterpieces. Do not forget that the player is equipped with a universal high-speed mini-USB output, making this model easy to use for the transfer of any information stored in the read player formats. Powerful lithium-polymer battery will be the player to easily play your favorite music for 10 hours. Also prominent feature of the player is the ability to Internal record – a record from the radio (how often do we hear on the radio you liked our songs, and then break their heads for hours in search engines, trying to guess what kind of music is so sunk us into the soul!), as well as built-in recorder. Summing up the above, it may be noted that the company is Assistant pleasantly pleased its fans a new sophisticated, feature-rich model MP3 player, AM-091, while leaving unchanged the high quality of the product and its availability.