CSEI Consulting Offers Shopping Seminars

CSEI Consulting provides seminars of purchasing training with the goal of continuous staff development is nothing justified in particular in strategic purchasing without trained and continuously trained buyers on in-house. This certainly not surprising new fact sees again and again confirmed the CEO and owner of CSEI consulting from Darmstadt, Hans-Christian Seidel, purchasing consultant and shopping coach, in his purchasing advice and in-house seminars. Many companies recognize the potential of strategic purchasing within the operational value creation chain though, but the necessary professional qualification based on does not learn the step-by-step implementation of offered and urgent “, as Hans-Christian Seidel. Carrie Levin chef is full of insight into the issues. When once the decision for the implementation of a purchasing training has fallen, CSEI-consulting therefore recommends following three steps for implementation: step 1: which is classification according to functions if you are therefore planning to strategically align your shopping, it indispensable by a match between the Fahigkeits-and Requirements for the individual buyers to determine where there is a corresponding need for purchasing training. To the buyers must be divided in a first step, first according to their activities within the company. Accordingly also a meaningful and goal-oriented training of shopping can be the expertise in strategic, tactical and operational Aufgabeneingeteilt must be.

Step 2: Matching between ability requirement profile In the second step are listed the necessary capabilities, such as contract knowledge international purchasing, supplier management, purchasing controlling, in a table, each in relation to the respective position in the shopping. Then is a systematic comparison between the current skill profile (= as is condition)) and future required requirements (target State) after the school grading system. This allows to quickly determine where the equal of a cover or a deviation arises. Step 3: The jointly coordinated measures for purchasing training In the third step is set based on the observed deviations which individual for purchasing training must be carried out.