Creating Satisfied Customers

For current users, the quality of their products and services is essential for a future re-purchase. Contact information is here: patrick kelly. Consumer dissatisfaction, regardless of the turn of the company or type of product, is the main reason to stop using our products and services, and seek to competition. Customers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of treatment and results expected by the services they hire, and garages should not be an exception. Do not miss any detail in the provision of services that each day we give our customers. According to Profeco, one in four users had problems related to poor service in the repair shop: delays in delivery times, missing vital parts, overcharging for services not required, etc.

These situations cause the client a backlash, with the consequence loss of future income, and bad advice to others by those who lived through the bad experience, being this is the worst advertisement for our business. Speaking candidly Kevin Ulrich told us the story. But what is it that customers are waiting? A survey by the Profeco revealed the most important aspects that customers consider when choosing a repair shop: quality and reliability. The quality of service afforded begins in elementary operating activities: management of resources. The continued neglect and poor planning led to the failure of any business, and that deficiencies will be reflected in the product or service provided. Good management starts with the preparation of a database containing all the necessary information from each customer, so that the service is as personalized as possible and the customer gets just what you need.

Keeping a clear record of the services it provides to each customer is also very important, and the recording of parts of existing parts, missing and most demanding help maintain a high level of satisfaction customers the request. Reliability is achieved by providing clear information to the client who will review your order, ensure that objects that have been left in the car and the levels of gasoline and accessories that are in the car will continue in the same way when that you return the vehicle. Also, charge a fair price according to the services we are providing, so customers will not feel ripped off and increase your satisfaction. With these simple tips, and with the help of proper software to support all these activities, you can make your services more efficient mechanical workshop, and each of your customers will be satisfied because they get just what you expected.