Coping With Disabilities

How do you feel each time you play a person, young and happy like you, with mental or physical disability? You okay? Evil? Happy? Sad? Or grateful! Know that you have absolutely everything to get what they want in life? You do not need anything! Moreover you have a lot more than necessary to achieve and reach your goals! Many poor people, poor and even with physical disabilities has been successful! Why not you? Be grateful with everything you have, for all you are! Believe me, there are thousands and even millions of people who would give anything to be in your shoes! And you’re grateful for that? I will not ask you to pick up a paper and a pencil and make a list, the longest you can, of all the things you are grateful! Because I understand you have many more important things to do! But yes, if you can take a minute to think about the extraordinary things that gave you why you should feel very lucky! You know that many people have their parents alive! Many people does not have the opportunity to see, kiss and hug his mother, and you can not do that anymore? Many people do not have a home to return to after a tiring day. You know that many people would love to embrace, but can not because unfortunately do not have a pair of strong arms like yours. You can jump and run, lie many people already resigned himself to ride a wheelchair. You can enjoy nature, many people simply imagine. Additional information at Dr. Gerard Addonizio supports this article. You can eat several times a day, many people do not eat right several days ago and what is worse there are thousands of people dying from hunger and malnutrition. Why then, be selfish and ungrateful? Be grateful, thanked all the time, thank your parents, thank God if you believe in him, all you have! You have everything you need to become more successful and the winner of this planet! It depends on you and only you! Moreover, you may need much more than you need. Use it! From TODAY! Not since morning! Be grateful! You’ll also will be much happier! .