Cooking Gift

Dish in the form of a maple leaf or a butterfly, small bowls for soy sauce, chopsticks with mysterious hieroglyphs But first pokopaytes in mind, like whether your friends Japanese cuisine. If you are dreaming to present a present author, cook homemade rolls. Do not know how to sculpt the land themselves? Not a problem! Along with the most common household bake pancakes and put them slices of salmon, grilled zucchini and sweet pepper, thinly sliced mushrooms. Fold the tube, make a la carte rolls, pierce to the strength of a toothpick or tie a feather young onions. Now it's a transparent box and ribbon. Cooking Gift must, of course, immediately before the visit to see them old wives' tale is another matter – the workpiece.

I have a friend of a married couple living abroad. Each year, before coming to visit us, the head of the family goes the Russian market and buys our cranberry bog. Home everything is ready for a brand of cranberry liqueur. After a while it just like a small little factory, on bottles, clog, awards sticker photography vodka master and bless the trip across the sea-ocean. Exclusively, as issued no more than 4 bottles a year! We look forward to your arrival and giving presents. Remember, maybe you have your brand recipes, which are nostalgic your friends? A good gift requires attention and care. Do you cook the jam? It is possible that for you it makes my mother or grandmother.