Construction Market

At the current construction market and improvement in recent years a huge number of different materials for paving for private sites and for public spaces – the boulevards, parks, squares, sidewalks. Most materials are different in two categories – quality and value. We consider only high quality materials with the division of price ranges and areas of application 1. Vibropressed Pavement Quality vibropressed tile is made by semi-block-making factory using imported dyes. Capacity of these plants is 10 000 sq.m. tiles per day. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki by clicking through.

Qualitative characteristics vibropressed tiles (wear resistance, frost resistance, strength) you can use it very widely – from private areas to places of intensive use, high-quality tile withstand the load even trucks. The main disadvantage of this material is just a broad range of applications. Often such jets is seen as "urban", devoid of originality. In fact, in Currently vibropressed tile is made with a wide variety of shapes and colors, most recently, a new way of processing the front surface – with the addition of the texture of the facial layer of granite chips, crumbs of valuable species, which makes vibropressed tile original. And, of course, to a greater degree of originality of vibropressed paving tiles depends on the designer, constituting the paving pattern. The undoubted pluses tile applies its low price – from 350 rubles. per sq. m.

in gray. 2. Vibrocasting Pavement Just among the products within this category can be found low-quality products, as the process vibrocasting although more time-consuming (Vibropressed production more automated), but also requires much less investment for the organization of production.