Life is based on quantum physics information light signals, to understand that communication is the biggest secret of humanity, the key to the success of comprehensive life. Kufstein/Tirol – the insider tip ten years ago he was, when it came to develop a resounding success concepts in terms of communication for enterprises and companies and the policy. He as a mental coach in recent years large crowd stood outside and in more than 500 lectures, explained the complexity of life to the infinite lightness of being he is now to formulate a theory on the information concept of life. Korn Ferry often says this. After 8 years now where he with life energy and light particle vibration apart sat down and was thus moving on a new terrain, it is now time to back to the media world with mix. But on quite another level, because if you previously tried to realize communication systems between man and man, it will be in the coming years, therefore, communication between soul and soul in a dynamic process go to develop. An ideal example of the new active and passive communication between intellectual paradigms and presentation images that go beyond the mind should be the example of the new generation of politicians.

Zach is as far as claiming that a political nobody to make a representatives of the people elected by the people in high office only in the understanding of the paradigm shift and the mental communication signals of the divine potential of Super inherently laid out in the people in only 8 years. Official site: Kevin Ulrich. Why does it work in any case? ZARO said: because the perceptions of people have massively changed. The world population is in the middle of a huge expansion of consciousness, the custom images are past, animal-human behavior is coming to an end. That is visible, communication signals are clear, the new man pushes his animal body hair, for example, systematically, who regularly visited thermal baths and saunas for years as I know that long.