Indeed Hull policies from different companies are not only the price and conditions and insurance. Therefore, the car owner has to understand what he pays for money and on what to save. And most importantly – whether or not to save some of the insurance terms. Relatively recent common was the requirement to keep the car in the guarded parking lot the night of 00-00 hours to 6-00. But the fight for new customers and a desire to please the banks – partners withdrew this requirement in the number of exceptions. This paragraph, the contract must be interested in separately.

You can easily take at least two minuses of this item: the cost of parking and the search for a place to attach your car (in some areas is a big problem). In the event that the company offers a choice between "free storage" and "parking fee", the hull insurance policy in the second case will be cheaper. If you have an expensive car, which refer to the "risk group", then you may be required to use satellite navigation system. In the presence of such a system, insurers allow any storage of the car, and the tariff for motor insurance decreases. Lowering the cost of comprehensive insurance policy to be on so many important, that it becomes financially advantageous to buy a satellite system or install a mechanical lock on the transmission than to pay for the protected parking. Age and seniority and the number of drivers admitted to driving. In addition to the general principles of tariff Hull (brand and age of the car), you must also remember that insurers take into account more Additional factors affecting the value of the policy.

First, the number of drivers admitted to management. (May be limited, for example, no more than two). As the number increases, and price. Second, the price effect and age driving experience. The insurer estimates the first chance of the loss. It is quite clear that younger and less experienced drivers often get into accidents and therefore insurance for them and should be expensive. The territory of the policy. No less important factor influencing the final cost of the policy. The insurer under a contract of insurance may, for example, stipulate that the damage caused to be paid only on in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. This means that you can not safely navigate through a territory of our country, not to mention the former Soviet republics. But there is a CASCO insurance, policies which act on across the country. There are companies, which include coverage foreign countries CIS, Baltics, Scandinavia and the other (client's choice). Choosing a policy of a company, every car owner must still answer the question myself what are the conditions of insurance must necessarily be covered by his policy, and on what can and sekonomit.