Central Asia

In fact, that can bring a useful Media forum if Kazakh businessmen are forced to provide for a lot of fees involved in it such "authoritative" people of the world of the journalist as K. Sobchak whose only achievement – tidbits of toilets in the pages of "yellow press" and the role of lead in the "Trash"-project "Dom-2"? The situation with the Interreligious Forum – a much more deplorable. The cost of the approach to 10 million. Kazakh diplomats sit in the hallways for months the leaders of sectarian movements and give as gifts of expensive gifts to gain their participation in the next event. Perhaps the emergence of "Borat" is the answer to inadequate "PR" RK-campaigning.

The result – more than 1 billion earthlings, looked a movie by British comedian, are convinced that the Kazakhs are kept inside the house cow, harness their old "Mercedes" – oxen, forcing women to travel top of the bus, drink fermented urine instead of wine, etc. After this "PR" or hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers Kazakh advertising in international media and no western lobbyists, does not help to "image" of RK. The Kazakh Foreign Ministry, dealing with "PR" Nazarbayev, in fact, turned into a commercial lobbying firm to protect the interests of "big family" the head of Kazakhstan. Now take the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia, China, countries Central Asia, U.S., EU and other partners. Russia is currently reviewing its relationship with Kazakhstan. Moreover, in the direction of tightening. The reasons are many.

First of all, with each subsequent step in the development of "multi-vector" of the Kazakh diplomacy, its western vector built up. There is a growing military and political presence in the West country and external control over its energy sector and steel industry. "NATO area" appears in the border region of Orenburg, Saratov, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Tomsk.