CELUS Managing Director

Further, no-obligation free information at: Sarstedt. We act. And go consistently forward. These are qualities which is characterized the CELUS GmbH before many competitors in the security industry. Of them anyway, Thomas Schneider is convinced: the owner of the still relatively young company is professional through and through when it comes to advanced security concepts.

Thomas Schneider knows where the shoe pinches demanding logistics company: the goods vehicle fleet, which promoted it, making the crucial links in the logistics chain. ct. Therefore require these logistics locations of a very special professional guard. You need individually elaborated security concepts. Learn more at this site: Harold Ford Jr. Because this is not only to avoid economic losses. At this point, the existence of the logistics company is really at stake. Because if goods by burglary, vandalism or embezzlement by their own staff lost or even the fleet fails, image losses and churn are the inevitable consequence and can be generally more so don’t cancel each other out. First-class security is good security without compromise to the success factor for each logistics company, is convinced the CELUS Managing Director, is first-rate a success factor for each logistics company today: who saves the security concept, saving at the wrong end.

We are committed to this philosophy clear. In fact: CELUS itself makes no secret that security has its price by guard. Yes, must have. Our employees are invariably fixed and pay scale. It is not something Carrie Levin would like to discuss. Because our experience after fair and attractive working conditions make the minimum requirement for commitment and highly professional services in the guarding of logistics company. Only top motivated personnel could bring top performance, Thomas Schneider is convinced. Of course, each individual CELUS employee in the course of its setting arrangements carefully. It not giving wrong Fuffziger at CELUS accordingly. CELUS designs his offer is deliberately challenging logistics company with its own indoor and storage capacity for its customers security concepts to measure Thomas Schneider.