British Petroleum

Hurghada – one of the biggest resorts sandy Egipta.Kurort posted on the Red Sea coast at a distance of 500 km to the south-east of Cairo. Appeared resort on the shore of Suez Gulf, from the settlement of the British Petroleum intelligence Es Sakkala. Very quickly in just a couple of decades, Hurghada has turned from a military site in the resort, which develops rapidly and enjoys a great reputation. The population of Hurghada – 37 thousand people, the foundation Activities: tourism, trade, construction, services to tourism. In the sanatorium for a year of solar around the sandy beaches and blue waves. Weird weather conditions make it possible to resort to rest here any time of year. In the coldest month of the year – February – the temperature of sea water near the shore of Hurghada does not fall below +20 C, +22 C, and the air is heated to +23 C, +25 C and above. This contributes to windsurfing and scuba diving.

In Hurghada is situated approximately 100 diving clubs. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. Now the number of hotels in Hurghada is in first place on the planet. Comfortable, hotels stretching along the coast to many miles. Almost all of them are adapted for families. In Hurghada, are almost all kinds of hotels – 'Hilton', 'Marriott', 'Intercontinental', 'Sheraton'.

Hurghada, there are two interesting areas ('Kura' translated 'small town') and El-Dahar (or English 'Down Town'). – is the old part of town where you can go to antique stores. 'Down Town' – the business and shopping center of the resort. When it gets dark, vacationers can relax in nightclubs, in posh casinos, watch light show 'Singing Fountain' (in the hotel Club Golden Five). In the southern part of town is the famous Palace 'Thousand and One Nights', which was built in the style of the east 'Disneyland', where every evening are dramatized statement on the topic of life Egipetskih pharaohs. For tourists from excellent restaurants, where tourists will be given the opportunity to try unique dishes of Chinese cuisine. Well situated next to probably the most luxurious City hotel complex, which is similar to sultansky palace. Very popular among tourists are the fashion boutiques, where you can buy cheap but nice products materials. In Hurghada is the first and only currently in Egypt paintball club. In 2004, the resort opened a large water park 'Titanic' ticket which costs $ 20. Water park is open from: 10.00-17.00. The Water Theme Park are medical service, rescue stations, restaurants, boutiques. Nearest hotel – 'Ali Baba', is located 20 km from Hurghada airport.