Brazil Accounting

In this scene, small, the average or great agricultural producer if comes across mainly with diverse difficulties with regard to the planning and with the agricultural accounting, for that the same the ranks need information adjusted for its survival in both that if insert, knowing that the costs of production inside of the scene of agronegcios are given important for the country property in what it says respect to the taking of decisions, and as it goes to act by means of its difficulties, to verify, through reports, what it must be made to improve the development of the activity, as well as selecting type of investment more good and also to verify as occurs the formation of the costs, its classification and the accounting of the same. On the basis of the information contained in this work knowing that in the region of the city of Iturama resources are many, so that the agricultural producer can search subsidies for its production and through this work it has a new perspective to the agricultural producer, as a simple and viable alternative to improve its profits and results. Therefore that the city is excellent to invest and mainly to live itself. In the industrial area we find industries of some branches, and today it is distinguished in the area, for being composed for diverse industries that reach and alavancam the economy for all type of market.

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