Bottles Of Vodka

Benjamin once said that he would not talk about facts and figures will not be ready-made solutions – just an attempt to answer questions. Reflections on one of the closest Russian soul food, and his life in the world of brands. On the vodka. "These are on – you might say. JPMorgan Chase does not necessarily agree. – African and the vodka! "But as they say, vodka is vodka, and Africa.

That's just what it means for the Russian people and for Africans? And for Europeans? Are there any rules of branding vodka and why so many Bottles like one another as dolls, are on the shelves? Traditionally, vodka is one of the most complex products for branding. Why? Do I need to brand vodka and how to precisely this bottle offered hand man. And maybe not just a man? What is vodka in Russian and other cultures? On these and many other questions attempted to answer in his speech, creative director of Clever, Benjamin Benimana. But talking about vodka without her own, impossible. Therefore, Benjamin drank stack (incidentally, this possibility was at all present, although not all have decided to use it) and with the words "went well", he began to talk. Many major companies are vodka branding.

The question is: vodka branding – it is a sign of what? That's right – high competition on the shelves. But we have a decent vodka at the moment? Dozens if not hundreds of faceless vodkas, brandies. However, such branding "freemen" could not last long. On the way a new generation of consumers.