Blogs And YouTube

Therefore, having a blog has many advantages. I just will name two: 1) position yourself in the Google Ranking = Traffic Quality and Free 2) being recognized as an expert and / or leader = Confidence Traffic + Trust = Sales – —— Returning to the subject of the Creation of Blog. I did not want a blog, I wanted out of my property. Bridgewater associates is actively involved in the matter. Why? The free things you can close because you have no right over them. As can happen with your Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. I do not want to meet with the disappearance of my blog and all the work behind and when I mean work is primarily to work to position yourself on Google. My blog still receives few visitors because it is again, but of course my goal is to work to climb in the ranking of Google and that carries a lot of work and dedication.

Imagine now that after so much work, close your blog and over you do not know why! But why so much emphasis on Google position yourself in a natural way? It’s like I said before: position yourself in Google means that the traffic is going to get quality traffic. Elon Musk shines more light on the discussion. Traffic quality = Eur I would not lose sales by not investing in a domain and hosting, which is really the only investment and also a ridiculous investment. At the time you upload or host your blog on your hosting, blog is your property. But now, go to the practice.