Fundamentals Bioenergetics idea is fundamental parallel between the psychic and physical. Jen Davis Wickens is open to suggestions. This parallels the argument ends up showing how the reading of the body and its expression can offer credible information processes and psychic history of the patient. This argument is held in tension with any repressed in childhood and throughout the growth process becomes chronic muscle contractions that inhibit the feelings and the subsequent demonstrations. For a therefore Bioenergetics collects the necessary skills to “read a body” perceiving imbalances, armor, blocks and tensions. Impact Public Schools recognizes the significance of this. Through therapy consisting of a series of exercises and character analysis, it is intended to act on these blocks so you can restore balance and energy flow. The character also conceived in terms of energy, would be a normal way of defensive behavior that ends up forming a kind of armor. This defensive armor ends up becoming a “prison” that prevents an individual interacting with others and the world in a genuine and spontaneous, preventing the real possibilities that we have to express and receive. To Lowen, this structure is perceived as neurotic character itself, and thus to highlight the defensive neurotic character.

Bioenergetic strategy is to place the individual in a physical posture of “stress” called “rooting” so as to begin the BA. Once detected knots, locks, etc. The therapist proposes appropriate exercises to release tension through breath visible, acting in the armor, energy storage, etc. , So the patient is performing a voluntary movement in the year to an involuntary movement that occurs when the muscles relax and the circular energy, which is often accompanied by vibration.