Big Tent Of Very Small

The Pavilion fits in the trunk of the cross! Folding Pavilion with the typical base of 3x3m are quickly taken and protect against wind and weather such as sporting events or in the garden. They are popular as eye-catcher at the local trade show or the own house exhibition with traders. However, as transported to a tent, that still 1, 60 m long is folded up. Since some combination is already overwhelmed. In 2011, there is a new variant of this tents on the German market. It has only a pack size of 1 m with a surface area of 3x3m. Thus, it fits even across in a normal car trunk. In the Combi can be omitted on flipping the seat and all the seats remain free for passengers.

Moreover, the space-saving storage. The party service is additional space for the goods in the vehicle. In addition, compact canopy gazebo tent can be loaded into the trunk of a station wagon across now as last, is so when downloading the first available. Should it rain on delivery, can the tent first unloaded and set up and the buffet will be installed directly from the truck into the dry tent. For distributors, whether the customer can also pick up the tent not longer the question. The folding Pavilion in any normal car fits with the small pack size. The compact canopy is not only smaller in the pack size.

It is also supplied with a bag on wheels. All parts are neatly together and move through the roller bag without trouble. The roller bag in connection with the small pack size make the tent of handy significantly reducing, inter alia, the risk of damage during transport. This worldwide patented Pavilion tent in Germany is available in early 2011. Importer Christian Blohm: I recognized compact canopy by chance 2009 discovered at the Gafa/Spoga trade fair in Cologne and the benefits immediately. Finally, compact canopy has 2009 received an innovation award Spoga/Gafa. End of 2010 I made me then independently to import this product. For the first time presented to the public is compact canopy at the Internorga in Hamburg, Germany from March 18-23.