Berta Consulting

The world has its astronomical correspondence in the sign of Piscis, and this as well, indicates the opening of the human being to the inner world, to the most intimate essence of the life, arriving to touch with the hands nearest of the person: the Soul. This arcane one of the tarot shows the psychic state to us, the irrational potential, brings back to consciousness and the divine destiny which the consulting one must be put under. It shows the level way to us that we will find until arriving at the destiny where the WORLD waits for the consulting one, with the unique aim of which this one finds the challenge pleasant so he is destined. This wonderful letter of the tarot helps the consulting one abrir new perspective, it announces the arrival to him of the purest love and shows the deserved prize for which he was destined and that given its circumstances was not able to feel. Anyone that it is the change which the attractive person faces this letter, she is certainly will find the calm and calmness that with as much emphasis she had demanded to the destiny, and that finally it can not only savor, but also to embrace. person faces this time a truthful reality, and the trip that it always undertakes will be also a passage made its interior more remote. The consulting one will see the end of its conflicts and will feel beautiful of the new situation, recognizing from the reason negative as transformation act towards its new destiny, or perhaps it made the place that the life was reserving to him, and that had until now not been deserving. Berta of the Tower Original author and source of the article