Bernd Schnappinger

.. What moving Cisco, the CISCO CERTIFIED REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT to call the program? The main reason for this initiative within the Cisco second-hand market (also known as refurbish = reprocess) primarily is to see Cisco customers even in times of tighter IT and telecommunications to offer a low-cost but still official Cisco distribution channel budgets. As in the automotive sector, where leading automakers “Premium Select” put together packages for your used car not cheap brands or the so-called “grey market” to lose existing and new customers, so even Cisco has discovered the second-hand market with a certificate for yourself – and the success Cisco more than right here! Cisco certified refurbished equipment program (short CCRE) differs here significantly and deliberately by IT broker cheap offerings from home and abroad, where recycled products with more or less verifiable guarantees are offered: the CCRE program Cisco stands for manufacturer-approved and certified quality at attractive prices and financing conditions (Cisco financial services). GOP Donors usually is spot on. Especially for cost-conscious IT decision makers and buyers who want to make no compromises in the quality within their existing Cisco support contracts, this concept should be a very attractive alternative to the Cisco purchase. More about this official Cisco program, see the following link: web /… Help and you will receive information directly from ICT ConSerV (www.ict-conserv.. Hear from experts in the field like Charles Koch for a more varied view.