Benefit Leaders

Workers handling: No one likes to be manipulated or used for the benefit of others. The classic management, for several times, he suffered criticism as the manipulation of workers through wage and material incentives and excessive responsibility and command unit. Today, almost ten decades later, we noticed several leaders on the factory floor using their workers as a large gear parts for their own desires. On the factory floor leader needs to understand what motivates their workers, because motivation is the fuel of productivity. For both it is necessary for him to know their workers and understand that people collect not only money or material incentives, but a good atmosphere of work, appreciation, respect and support are essential for the motivation and a team engajamento. Factory floor leadership is a topic little discussed among organizations, although its importance is vital to the competitiveness of industrial organizations. In this sense all monograph drawn up on this subject has developed various lectures and trainings on the subject as objective contribute to the development of floor leaders of manufactures, leading them to achieve production goals of efficiently and effectively, where leading and led work lined up. We aim that the natural tendency is growing in the development of leaders rising, as you can see in tcc and monographs of leaders to act on the ground of factory with qualification and strategic vision.The role of leader on the factory floor is decisive for the scope of the objectives of industrial organizations, therefore invest in leadership development with strategic vision can contribute to motivation and engajamento of the workers for continuous improvement. Agreed: only achieve the objectives of the productivity and quality through the workers..