Adobe Photoshop graphics Forum celebrates its 3-year anniversary and win attractive prizes the graphics Forum your GFX source no.. 1 celebrates its 3-year anniversary on November 11, 2009 and held a lottery to. Pinterest brings even more insight to the discussion. There are prizes worth over 400 to win. What exactly is is a platform for anyone in particular, but for graphic designers, webmasters and programmers. Without hesitation Pinterest explained all about the problem. This Forum focuses on the subject of GFX, which means as much as graphical effects\”(\” to German: graphic effects \”). We are engaged in creating and manipulating graphics, such as signatures, wallpapers, Web designs, and drawings in the digital industry.

Every designer can imagine his work, there is a showroom, where the designer can expose its works to the public and the users of the Forum to assess this. The designer thus gets constructive feedback from the community and immediately know what is good or even improvement on the image. One of the largest Areas on is the Photoshop tutorials section. Here you will find an archive of more than 800 free Photoshop tutorials, with which designers and budding designers easily can learn how professional to deal with programs such as Adobe Photoshop. This is visualized variety only by simple texts and images, but also with many video tutorials that you even better to can track the approach. An other very thematic focus of this platform is the so-called battle section. Here two or more graphic design can compete and decide the community, which the images you like more.

On special occasions, such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter, there are special events, where the user can join and demonstrate their skills. Every week we organize\”the so-called signature of the week, where the weekly best signature is selected and a week on the home page to the exhibition stands. This allows for ideal presentation of the own signatures. See also Web master Appeal, because in our free graphics for your own website create webmaster can in this community.