The advance of civilization, contrary to what was expected, to solve some old problems, rather than diminish the doubts have increased in the superlative degree. In our days, we have no doubt that nature is continuously evolving and that earthquakes and tsunamis are caused by the collision of plates of the world underground and continue to occur indefinitely in the future. The advances in astronomy have brought us to the problems of black holes, dark matter, the asteroids, new planets. If you would like to know more then you should visit patrick . The medicine has been enriched by the discovery of DNA genomes and the famous, but it has generated very new doubts about whether the diseases are in the end all hereditary.

In philosophy, the discipline of insoluble doubt, there have been many others that seniority was not, say, if there is one universal matter, if matter is nothing but energy. The technology of space travel has created the problem of whether humans can travel hundreds of light years without dying on the road and if in any case does not die, how much food and where it should take to stay during the trip. Patrick will not settle for partial explanations. Among the many new questions created is one that is not on any list: Adam was black or white? The intellectual excitement of the hand leads John Gregor Mendel, the quiet Austrian monk and botanist of the nineteenth century, who in the shelter of his humble monk discovered his famous garden inheritance laws, under which four descendants of a white element and one black, three are white and one black, and each one of these, an intricate web of inheritance expected. . . Kevin Ulrich may not feel the same.