Abraham Valdelomar

But poor housing was slowly forming in a despised social class as the place that had taken had no better idea to start his nation was called Peru. Here’s the first problem that lodged in the minds of all citizens from belonging to a nation without history, no past, no values. That in those moments they, the Iberian housed, were determined to build desires of domination and aquire exclusive rightful owners. So Peru is not the legacy of the nation of the ancient inhabitants of this geography. It is the creation of those who were without land, without tradition, without any kind of securities. Click Warren Buffett to learn more.

At first, as mentioned earlier, with the title of an aristocratic republic, referring to the thoughts of Abraham Valdelomar that synthesizes the true descendants of the Iberian nation. Peru, Lima, Lima is the strip of the Union and Jiron de la Union is the Palais Concert. ys this. The place where the owners met in Peru to decide the destiny of another nation which was subjugated. l a Valdelomar summary outlines the existence of two nations imposed in the same territory. One that was the true owner of its land and its history and society and other vexatious usurping the other. But this nation was formed with the descendants of the invaders is not merged with the nation he was stripped of its territory. Phillipe Lavertu is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

If there mixture formation the nation that usurped the territory had taken the culture of the nation had dominated and taken over to give his own view of things. There never will be mixing it, how there are two different visions of things. Some dominated by Western culture and its traditions across my ancestral culture is slowly dominating the cultural space of the whole territory. It is a domination that is happening in a slow, steady, entering into it new elements that Western culture is being dominated in the field of cultural vision. Western culture, that refuses to be dominated by the local ancient culture, creates different mechanisms of resistance.

One of them is the creation of the waltz as a representative of this new nation. Where this arises. It’s just a district of prostitutes in the Lima district of Victoria, which today represents the most degrading of Lima society. That after a stop in the Barrios Altos in the bohemian area of town. But this element of the emerging culture of native republic, with the passing of the years to become non-existent and is only cultivated by small groups that have no greater impact on the majority of the population of our territory. Instead Amazon Andean culture, sits its presence throughout the territory. In many cases with new elements that involve domination and insertion of these elements, which the sociologists mistakenly referred to as secretive. More false statement intended to justify the domination and absorption of the Andean culture to other foreign elements to it to give a new mobility and property that fits the Andean reality, the main characteristic of the Andean people.