Getting Credit From Life

The world is moving quickly to the development of economic resources, since these can be in a constant development in the attainment of different objects and as a means to supplement or meet different needs that will make possible optimal living conditions, so the Money is a key point in a steady progression of life, […]

How To Sell On EBay: The Money Is In The Back-end

Many people who sell on Ebay completely neglect the monitoring process. That after an auction. Someone wins. Automatic message will be sent to the winner. To send the item. End of story. End of buyer-seller relationship. . . . final total customer value to the company – and this is why so many people selling […]

The Fehmarn Belt Bridge In The Grip Of Politics

If the Fehmarn Belt bridge now constructed or not? This question is asked every day and almost every day a different answer. The policy has the say, playing a neat role for the now citizens. At the time of traffic through the crow flies across the island of Fehmarn to Scandinavia will be handled by […]

Consciousness Is Energy, The Earth's Conscience

Ever wonder what we are and what is in the Universe? Who is out there and if we are the only planet that suffer this way? Poverty, hunger, disease and suffering economic losses, households, employment and the inability to buy food are signs that something has interfered with our welfare. Human beings are energy, in […]

Trichopol Giardiasis

Parasite – an organism or a plant that lives at the expense of another organism. In nature, there are so many different parasites. Occupy a special place of gastro-intestinal parasites, including giardia, cause disease – giardiasis. Itself lamblia is a single-celled organism with pear-shaped with eight flagella. To consolidate on the wall of the intestine, […]

Second House Office

Not all people come to the Office as a second home. However, many times it seems, isn’t it?. Think of all the time that passes in the Office. Of the 24 hours of the day, you’ll spend a 8 (or more) in the Office, 8 living and sleeping 8. Or is that 3 x 8 […]

Creating the Good Life

Sometimes I am asked by email, Sensei is true that law avoids an attraction, and I say yes! I believe that the Philosopher's Stone to apply a good life and be grateful. When a person is victimized and not blaming anyone, I often find justifying or rationalizing their position with different phrases like, "happiness is […]

University Education Management And Higher Learning

At this time there are many debates surrounding the design and management education in different areas: academic, educational, administrative, community, in short in all its dimensions, has linked up with schools. In that sense, there has been a very important series of discussions about school autonomy, participation, educational attainment, among other topics. All scholars agree […]

Amat Al-Eyed

One of them had a special presence, showing a semblance of authority over the other two. His decision reflected proud face, but cold and harsh, especially for the band he wore in his left eye. Third was paralyzed for a moment, recalling the screaming that disrupted before the battle. Amat Al-eyed! The most hated and […]

Company Operations and Organizations

Should this person be very involved in the organizational culture of the company should all members of the organization is committed to it. Hence management corresponds to know how to manage their resources properly, considering that not only should be given emphasis in directing the efforts of the company, based solely on producing results supported […]