Second (STOCK, 1998), logistic reversa is an area with great amplitude for study is inserted in logistic enterprise, that in turn is inserted in the management of the suppliment chain, whose its main activity is to put into motion corresponding products, goods and information they, for all the productive chain. In contrast of logistic the […]


ERP and reduction of costs and expenses part II A order to enlarge the subject of ERP and reduction of costs and expenses in this article analyze two main questions that arise continuously in relation to: 1. the excess of information in the ERP can divert attention to make decisions? 2 Because the senior management […]

Charter Bank

Prior to 1887 State Bank of carrying out the elimination of pre-reform bills of credit institutions. Until the end of the XIX century. State Bank of the Russian Empire remained the bank lent mostly large-scale industry and trade. Of particular importance among the active operations of the bank acquired the records of bills and issuance […]