Electronic Mini-Courses

Publish a newsletter or newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with our customers and potential customers. However, many times we are faced with certain difficulties in implementing it. Probably have heard or read that it takes at least seven contacts before a person will buy a product or service. Therefore, it is essential to generate a way to keep in touch with visitors to your website. But of course, entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with the amount of tasks we have before us. Many times, simply postpone the issue to avoid adding one more task! Well, there are options that will facilitate the task! Moreover, employing a simple autoresponder system will automate many of these functions, thus avoiding an additional task appellant. Here are three simple options to start your newsletter or bulletin board: Create a newsletter "evergreen": This basically refers to a newsletter whose contents may be prepared in advance. Brief advice could be weekly, biweekly, monthly or bimonthly.

In each case, shall draw up the necessary amount (for example, 53 tips to keep ready all the year if you want to send a weekly basis). Then, simply use your autoresponder system to load the contents of each of the numbers, enter the frequency of sending and ready! Your newsletter will be distributed automatically to subscribers. Assemble a mini-course via e-mail: most likely you are an expert in the industry in which they work. And if you're not an expert, in any way will have some experience to share with your clients and potential clients. Create a mini-course via e-mail need not be a pharaonic task. Simply think about the structure of what we want to communicate, identify issues to be addressed in each chapter and write a short series of e-mails of course. Then, "copy and paste" each of these texts in your autoresponder system and will be distributing the mini-course automatically to the extent that will receive subscriptions. Email Only Special Offers: The third alternative can be used if you sell products or courses that take place during certain times of the year.

In the case of a bulletin of this nature, can offer a subscription which tells your visitors who will contact when you have news, promotions and relevant news. Should not rejected this alternative because there will be people who feel they want to stay informed and subscribe. Anyway, have a subscription form on your web site is an excellent tool to start building your contact base. It is better to have something than nothing! You will be able to improve it, but remember: the important thing is to start! Stay in touch with your customers and potential customers!

Japanese Businessmen

Ethics and Civics are extinct materials in schools. It gives very little value on honesty, punctuality and cleanliness, and this education is the essential foundation for creating successful entrepreneurs. My Japanese friend told me of the four steps needed to be a successful entrepreneur: The Well Being: Honest, punctual and disciplined. For example, consider a enterprise of 400 employees. If each of these employees distracted 30 minutes of your time in activities outside their work, they are losing 12.000 minutes per day, 60,000 minutes per week, 240,000 minutes per month, equivalent to 4,000 hours of actual work.

The fundamental principle is respect. If not yours, you must be somebody. If you found this pen on a desk, must be someone, then return it. If you find a wallet, not yours, should be someone and if you're in a meeting with a lady, not yours, must be someone. If you're getting paid for working eight hours, this time is not yours, it's from someone who paid for them.

And if everyone would respect these concepts, the better. The Japanese businessman, told me that in his business, no drawer is locked, everything is on hand to everyone, but everyone knows what and who are becoming one of the things that are used in the office. How do we live in our countries?, Seeking to put keys to the drawer where we keep the keys. He told me how to recruit your people when you started your business. It gave him a $ 100 bill to a young man to buy her newspaper, she had to return $ 99, and many never returned, however, that they did, entering his company because he saw the future in them.