The Entrepreneur

The word entrepreneur appeared in France in the mid-sixteenth century, where the word is used to describe people who were in search of adventure with few economic resources, later this term was applied also in the military expeditions which explored territory outside of France. The word entrepreneur begins his big change in the twentieth century it begins using it, to refer to anyone starting in the world of commerce and business with few funds. Entrepreneur is any person with creativity, enthusiasm and dynamism that is layered to identify opportunities where no one sees them, creating a budget ideas and move them forward. Today entrepreneurs are an essential part of the market and the economy of all countries, and that creativity and innovation are the main contributions that they make the market do it to have a constantly changing, compiling the best the former and improving everything that can be in today. In a world where the market is constantly innovating've rotary, the entrepreneurs succeed with their ideas and new proposals, put the markets at higher levels of both quality and creativity of competitive products, thus achieving very interesting to the consuming public. Entrepreneurs are people full of knowledge and virtues for business, we can say that the most significant among them are: 1. His serenity 2.

His confidence when making important decisions in March. Your ability to take risks 4. His ambition 5. His great dedication to every project in June. Her administrative and organizational skills 7. Its coordination 8. His guidance, motivation and analysis 9. His great collaboration and brainstorming 10.

His work in group All these features make today's entrepreneurs are not only the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, but also makes them ideal for hiring staff, as all these virtues apply at all times. The world of entrepreneurs is directly related to the economy and the movement of the markets. This causes the entrepreneur to develop certain skills apart from administrative, organizational and mentioned he needs to learn to know a consumer, know what you want, think and need. Because of this today schools are created entrepreneurs around the world where train and assist in the development of their skills. The enterprise not only developed in the commercial and economic, but it does in others such as social, political and civic. The social enterprise: based on the creation of entities that generate income, but at the same time handle a character with the community support. Political entrepreneurship: is based on the creation of laws that establish a market if so many differences in social system, in order to obtain a market income and equal opportunities for all. Civic entrepreneurship: it consists of creating a company where the income factor is the cooperation of citizens, an example of this can be a recycling company.

Build A Fortune: One’s Vision Is The Most Important Building In Fortunes

Some time ago it was very popular a saying: Saving is the basis of all wealth. Over time, a number of factors such as inflation, bad economic policies, the advent of easy credit through cards, among others, caused such a change in circumstances which made it seem like a wise saying that maximum obsolete. Throughout time, mankind is trying new things: new forms of governance, new technologies and lifestyles. In some cases, it has been necessary to recover and return some values to some sources and so, with regard to money, many people have realized that although the claim seems a good idea for any purchase and at all times, resulting in many problems if it lacks the means to pay in a timely manner. Many people who have learned this through the sad experiences that have happened in this field have come to the conclusion that you can not spend what you do not ALWAYS have, and that, after all, the principle of saving still life and always will as long as the money.

Although this trend is not massive yet, more and more individuals are canceling their debts and have become the concept that the interest in finance and administration are not good things to be learned when it comes time to have a fat sum in the bank. The time to learn to manage money is when you have small amounts, so it will be possible to administer a larger quantity. To reach a fortune, it is necessary to see that while no one can choose to be born in a poor household or a rich, anyone can choose to manage well the money you have, or not. And decide what kind of life you want to live. Developing a budget is the first step for someone to take control of its economy: it is necessary to know exactly how much money is available.

The control of expenditure is the second essential step, and this would involve the cancellation of debts as soon as possible in order to start saving for a firm and that every penny in and not spent, is really his own. It is necessary to determine what income is spent on insurance, phone, mobile, medicine, and also provide all fixed and variable expenses like clothing or a walk. This step helps to deduce where the money goes each month. Once the way in which money is spent monthly, it is necessary to observe whether certain expenses can be trimmed. Is it possible to choose less expensive outlets? Is it possible to use less mobile if n is a great need? Do not miss a single day without meeting them, and take control of their household economy. These three steps constitute a solid base from which to build a small fortune, it is the basis of a larger fortune.

The Spanish Association Of Franchisers Improving The Quality Of Certified Franchise Franchise

Madrid, February 10, 2009 .- The Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF) has launched initiatives to improve the certification of the franchise developed at the Technical Quality Committee of the Association to more effectively manage process and facilitate applications for franchisors interested in obtaining the Certificate of Quality of Franchise. First, there will be four new internal processes to improve performance: – The methods of approval and control of the independent auditors attached to the seal of quality. – The content of the information provided to franchisors interested in it. – The annual review mechanism provided by the Quality Standard. – The definition of "nonconformity" internal. Is also in the process of making a list of implementers of the quality system, which will be available to franchisees so they can easily choose when to prepare for obtaining a certificate of quality.

And finally, define a "guide to audits to standardize the procedure followed by the audit of the system. At present, there are four approved companies to perform the audits necessary to get the stamp, which are: Dekra, ECA, Lloyd's and SGS. With all this, the Association is committed to invigorate and extreme levels required to obtain the Certificate of Quality. In the words of Xavier Vallhonrat, president of the AEF, "we want to strengthen the confidence that the quality seal of the franchise brings to the system because, in times of crisis, the franchise is a formula that provides security and the certificate of quality is a extremely important in this sense for companies who do. "After granting the final quality certification to teach" Neck & Neck ", are 11 companies that have already obtained: Home Personal Services, Selected Lizarran Tabernas, SerHogarsystem, Skate Infant School, CreditServices, TF Financial Area, Cantina Mariachi, Pasta City, Rock & Ribs and Reformahogar. We recall that this system of quality management in excess, limited to Spanish territory, is to establish the conditions necessary to ensure that companies adopt it meet the criteria of quality in the marketing of the franchise, set by the AEF make, there is a know-how, training and assistance to franchisees. In addition, the Certificate of Quality Franchising is compatible with other management systems based on international standards, especially with those which meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and related to it.

In turn, complements the requirements that the law requires franchisors and companies to which they belong. On the Spanish Association of Spanish Franchisors Franchisors Association (AEF) was founded 15 years ago and currently consists of 205 members, whose turnover represents 66% of turnover generated by the franchise system in Espana.Los objectives the AEF are to represent and protect the interests of the franchise in our country and to partner with the Administration and make it available in other markets, through its presence in various international franchise exhibitions. In turn, the AEF is a member of the Iberoamerican Federation of Franchising (FIAF) and the development of the National Treball. For more information: Salvia Communication Contact: Esther Murillo / Nuria Coronado E-mail: / Tel.: 91 657 42 81 Fax: 91 657 26 63